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Hostas with red petioles.


It's commonly known that over the past few years, Hostas with red petioles have been very popular with Hostacollectors. And because of that some of the Hostabreeders are working hard to get those "red Hostas" on the market. As you'll see on the picture on top of this webpage not all the petioles are red, but some of them are red spotted and sometimes the red spots even go up into the leaf veins.

Many Hostabreeders have tried to get totally red petioles and in future they'll also try to get red leaves. Over the last few years, in America a few Hostabreeders, such as Roy Herold, have been cross fertilizing Hostas to get great Hosta's with red petioles. This has given us Hostas like: Red October, Brandywine, Red Sox, Chopsticks, Cinnamon sticks and more.

Important parents in this cross fertilizing are Hosta longipes Hypoglauca (Kofuki Iwa Giboshi) and Hosta pycnophylla (Setouchi Giboshi).

The Red petiole-site.

Visit this site to look for more red (petiole) Hostas.

(Updated with 10 Hostapictures.)

Holland and Belgium.

Also in Holland and Belgium there have been some Hostabreeders cross fertilizing Hostas in order to get Hostas with perfect red petioles. Some of these Hostas are almost unknown in America and not easely to get in Europe either. However, in my opinion this will change in the future, since these Hostas are very pretty. And with the plant tissue culture of today, it's not going to be a problem.

Some of those Hostabreeders are:

Danny van Eechaute

Danny van Eechaute is a Hostabreeder and collector from Belgium ( and he has over 1700 different Hostas at home. I think he has got one of the best Hostacollections of Europe.

The last few years he's cross fertilized quite a few Hostas in order to get Hostas with red petioles. At this moment these Hostas are not very known in the US. Examples of those are:

Hosta 'Little Red Rooster' (2004), (Hosta 'Wiggle Worms' X Hosta 'Red Sox')


Hosta 'Purple Boots' (2004), een kruizing tussen Hosta 'Gig Harbor' X Hosta 'Riptide'.


Hosta 'Little Red Rooster'.


Hosta 'Purple Boots',

Marco Fransen

Marco Fransen (Ter Aar, The Netherlands) ( has already launched a dozen of new Hosta introductions onto the market and a lot of them you'll even find in the US. This "great" Hostaman is specialised in Hostas and has a large nursery in the west of Holland (south of Amsterdam). All the brandnames of his own introductions start with Paradise... (such as 'Paradise Joyce', a sport of Hosta 'Halcyon').

In his Paradise collection we'll also find a Hosta with red petioles, Hosta 'Paradise Red Delight'. This Hosta pycnophylla hybride has round grey leaves with red spotted petioles.


Hosta 'Paradise Red Delight'


Other Dutch introductions:



Hosta 'Harry van de Laar'

This Hosta has been introduced by the Dutch Hostaman Cees Visser (2004 NR.). This Hosta was launched at the 15th anniversary party of the Dutch Hosta society. With this Hosta, Cees Visser won the Hosta competition during the 10th anniversary party of the Dutch Hosta society.This Hosta is named after a great Hostaman (Harry van de Laar) in Holland who did a lot for the Dutch Hosta society and also promoted the Hostas heavily in the Netherlands in the early nineties.



Hosta 'Harry van de Laar'



This Hosta is a result of the cross fertilization between Hosta longipes f. hypoglauca X Hosta 'Maruba Iwa'.





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